350Z and 370Z remapping

Horsham Developments is an UpRev authorised Pro Tuner. The UpRev engine management software allows us to fully remap the standard 350Z and 370Z ECU.

We have remapped (aka chip tuned) many 350Zs with great results. You can expect:

  • Better throttle response – the standard ECU reduces throttle response in the lower gears. By tuning the throttle pedal to throttle plate map we can make the car feel livelier. Also, fuel and ignition timing map optimisation is carried out leading to further improvements.
  • More power and more torque – by optimising the various fuelling and ignition timing maps we get the most power and torque from your car
  • Better fuel economy – some customers report better fuel economy after their remap. Obviously this varies quite a bit depending on driving style.
  • Speed and rev limits – we can alter speed and rev limits
  • Removal of check engine light if running with de-cat pipes
  • Multi maps – some cars (dependent on ECU) can have up to 5 ignition, fuel and rev / speed limit maps. This allows, for example, a valet map or a map for high octane fuel

We get good gains from completely standard cars and make the most of cars fitted with aftermarket parts.

Take a look in our Facebook gallery for examples and graphs showing our 350Z and 370Z ECU remapping.

We can custom map the ECU for a standard engine or almost any modifications.

We have access to the following tables:

  • Idle RPM
  • Speed Limiter
  • Electronic Throttle Control to achieve Wide Open Throttle at all speeds
  • Rev Limiter
  • DTC disable
  • AFR Targets
  • Fuel Compensation
  • Ignition Timing Advance
  • Cam Phasing for equipped vehicles
  • MAF transfer function
  • Cranking Enrichment and Ignition Advance
  • Injector Latency
  • K Fuel Multiplier
  • Intake Temp
  • Calculated Load vs. RPM
  • Minimum Effective Injector Pulse Width

The UpRev software is a licenced based system. Once you have bought the software licence we can remap your car as many times as required.

A 350Z or 370Z remap for a normally aspirated car is £399.99 Inc VAT, dyno time and UpRev license. If you already have an UpRev license on your ECU mapping is done at a reduced price. Mapping forced induction cars is more time consuming and therefore a little more expensive – ask for a quote

UpRev also allows us to bypass the immobiliser on supported cars. The 350Z, 350GT and G35 Skyline can all suffer from NATS immobiliser failure. Often Nissan cannot help, especially on Japanese imports. The error codes are often P1610 and/or P1614.




Ecutek Race Rom supports the 2009 onwards Nissan 370Z in all known commercial markets; JDM, Euro and US.

178 ECU versions are currently supported from all regions, including the Nismo special editions.

Latest additional RaceROM Phase 2 features:

Map Switching – Rev counter indication of the four different map switch modes
Flat Foot Shift – Full throttle gear changes (Manual Transmission models only)
RaceROM Controller – Use the cruise control switch gear for adjusting calibration
Knock Warning – Check engine light flashes when knocking is detected
Per Gear Rev Limit – A different rev limit in each gear
Custom Maps – Create a map to do almost anything!
Launch Control – Adjustable Launch RPM using the cruise control (Manual Transmission models only)
Traction Control – Adjustable traction control using custom maps
Boost Control – Closed loop boost control using custom maps
Flex-Fuel – Ethanol flex-fuel tuning using custom maps
AFR Control – Closed loop target AFR control using custom maps
Fail-Safe – Protect the engine from any dangerous situations
Gauge Hijack – Display lambda, AFR, fuel trims or ethanol content on the oil temp gauge

A standard Ecuteck remap for a 370z is £549.99 inc VAT, dyno time and licence