Horsham Developments has invested in the latest version of Dyno Dynamics 2wd chassis dyno. We have housed this in a new dyno cell with superb ventilation and cooling capability.

We can accommodate rear wheel drive and front wheel drive cars, and some 4 wheel drive cars that have the ability to only drive one pair of wheels.​

Power runs

We will safely strap your car to the dyno and perform 3 power runs. We will log power and torque at the wheels, estimated power and torque at the flywheel, the air:fuel ratio and boost pressure (if your car is turbo or supercharged). We will print out the graphs for you and email them in .pdf format, if requested.

Dyno hire

Our dyno is available for hire to independent tuners and race teams – our dyno is available for hire by the hour, half day and day.

Dyno prices

  • Power run – £79.99 inc VAT
  • 1 hour hire – £119.99 inc VAT
  • 1/2 day (4 hour) hire – £399.99 inc VAT
  • 1 day (7 hour) hire – £499.99 inc VAT


We map the following ECU systems:

  • Syvecs
  • Link
  • ECU Masters
  • ECUTek (Mk3 Focus RS, GT86, BRZ and 370Z)
  • Megasquirt
  • AEM
  • Power FC
  • Omex
  • Nistune
  • Uprev (350Z and 370Z)

Prices and information on GT86 and BRZ custom remaps (Here)

Prices and information on 350z and 370z custom remaps (Here)

Please contact us for mapping prices and further details