We have invested in the latest 4 wheel alignment machine from Ravaglioli, and crucially we have operators who understand the theory of suspension system setup and can use the equipment properly for the best results.

Having an advanced 4-wheel laser alignment system is worthless without an experienced operator. This is where we can help.

When you come to us to get your car suspension setup you have a few options. We can carry out any of the following work:

  • 4-wheel alignment
  • Corner weight setup
  • Coilover setup
  • Replace worn or broken components

4-wheel laser alignment is £149.99 inc VAT for most cars. This includes:

  • Suspension joint check – there’s no point in aligning the car if there are worn or broken components. In most cases we can get replacement parts in next day, if required.
  • Tyre pressure check and adjustment
  • Alignment adjustment to your specification, the manufactures specification or, if the car is one we’re familiar with, our specification.

If you’re using the car on track or want to optimise handling for the road then balancing the weight on each wheel is beneficial. Our Intercomp vehicle scales allow us to measure the weight on each wheel – we can carry out a measurement for just £35.99 inc VAT. If adjustment is required we can do this by moving items around in the car (batteries or other heavy items) or by adjusting the height of coilovers. Corner weight adjustment is carried out at a rate of £75+VAT per hour.