350z DE Clutch slave cylinder, braided clutch line and high temp brake/clutch fluid kit


Product details & specifications

@H-DEV Parts Clutch Slave Cylinder and Braided Clutch line kit.

On the early 350z DE & DE revup series, it’s common for the clutch to either feel very spongy or it starts to stick down.

With our experience of working on these cars over the last 10 years, we have found that the fix for this very common issue it to replace the perishing and often expanding clutch line, combined with a new Clutch Slave Cylinder. We can now offer both of these as a kit, separately and also with high temp brake & Clutch fluid as part of our online mail order service or book in and we can supply and fit.

We offer both OEM parts and recommended after market products. As we supply and fit these parts we only use tried and tested products that not only fit and work as expected, but will also keep the costs down where possible.

Dorman’s Clutch Slave Cylinder effectively returns hydraulic pressure to the clutch system, restoring the ability to shift properly again. Engineered from reinforced nylon, cast iron or aluminium, all of our Slave Cylinders contain high quality EPDM rubber components for compatibility with brake fluid. Long-lasting service is ensured.

In this recommended kit we supply the Dorman after market Clutch Slave cylinder, Hel Braided Clutch line and 500ml of high temp Brake/Clutch fluid