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These cams are ideal for standard people who want more power on a standard engine. We typically see good gains throughout the rev range.

Price is for a set of 4 cams.

Tomei blurb:
Tomei PonCam and ProCam are a popular choice for camshafts. With Tomei’s extensive dyno testing and years of experience, these camshafts are optimised for each application. Tomei normally starts off with 258 degree for low profile application that requires an overall improvement in power band without sacrificing low end. With higher power in mind, Tomei develops the 260 degree version to focus on mid to high rpm. Then comes the 270 and 280 degree versions that focus mainly on high rpm to extract maximum horsepower from the engine. Tomei ProCam offers lash (hydraulic lifter) and solid (solid lifter) type camshafts with different degrees. With Tomei PonCam and ProCam, you will always find the right camshaft for your application and needs.

Upgrading the Valve Springs is required when using Camshafts with Cam Lift greater than 11.0mm (sold separately).
When using Camshafts with Cam lift greater than 11.0mm on the intake side there is a chance that the valves can come into contact with the piston when the eVTC advances the timing. In this case it is highly recommended to recess the pistons to guarantee adequate clearance.
Example: The standard advance amount with the stock head and stock pistons with the eVTC will require approximately 1mm valve recess on the piston.

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Weight 10 kg

2003-2005 VQ35DE, 2005-2006 VQ35DE Revup, 2007-2009 VQ35HR