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  • Twin T517Z turbo kit  compatible with genuine catalyst – we recommend high flow sports cats
    (Uprated fuel pump, fuel injectors and ECU tuning are required)
  • 4mm thick stainless steel lost wax exhaust manifold and turbine outlets – resistant to cracking
  • Independent intercooler for left and right banks to balance of the intake air volume for each bank
  • Kit can be used on a normal engine with the included restrictor installed (boost 0.6 bar or less), but if you strengthen the engine (forged pistons and steel conrods – contact us for a quote) without a restrictor (boost 0.8 bar), you can make it 500bhp or more.


・Right hand drive cars only
・Works with OEM catalytic converters
・Engine mount, front member cover, bumper modification, and some harness handling changes are required.
・Engine removal recommended for kit install

Product configuration:

・Turbine: T517Z-8cm2 twin (actuator P380)
・Oil pan ・Washer tank ・Exhaust manifold, turbine outlet: 4mm thick lost wax casting
・Intercooler: TYPE16 twin
・Aluminium pipe work
・Air cleaner : AIRINX S60
・Genuine exhaust gasket

Required parts:

・ECU remap with ECUTek or Uprev ・Uprated injectors・Uprated fuel pump 

Fitting includes: 

Engine removal, kit fitting, engine refitting, engine oil, oil filter, spark plugs, coolant, 1000cc injectors, H-Dev fuel return system, uprated fuel pump, ECUtek license, dyno time, mapping. 


high flow or decats, uprated clutch, oil cooler kit 

Additional information

Weight 35 kg

Turbo Kit only, Turbo kit, fuel system, fitting and mapping