Plenum spacer kit


Plenum spacer kit


Our in house developed 8mm Plenum Spacer kit is precision cut from aluminium (not plastic like some other brands) and dyno proven. It can increase power and torque on a standard or modified 350z engine. It does this by increasing the volume of the inlet plenum which, as standard, is restrictive.

*It is our recommendation that for best results, all engine modifications on the 350z are complimented with an ECU remap.

Kit Contents:
Precision Water Cut 8mm (5/16″ if you prefer imperial units) Alloy Plenum Spacer
Precision cut gasket
Alloy Strut Bar Spacers
Internal Nylon Plenum Spacers
Complete bolt and washer set.
Step by step fitting instructions.

Other manufacturer’s kits sometimes come with a valve to restrict coolant flow to the throttle body in an attempt to reduce intake air temps. We have carried out dyno testing of this modification and cannot measure any difference, which is why our kit doesn’t include the valve.

We can fit the spacer at our workshop.

Custom spacer thicknesses are available, please call for details

Will not fit the 313bhp twin air box engines found on 2007+ 350Z and 370Z engines.

Made in the UK

Trade enquiries welcome

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Weight 1.1 kg