The exhaust manifold of 86/BRZ is very important for higher power. Stock exhaust manifold has a catalyzer and it’s causing a resistance for exhaust output that make the engine to perform poorly. HKS SUPER MANIFOLD with CATALYZER GT-SPEC for ZN6/ZC6 uses a compact and high cleaning capacity catalyzer, still it has a low resistance which passes Japan Exhaust Gas Regulation. It’s a high and efficient performance manifold for your 86/BRZ.


  • We choose 4-2-1 layout for best performance. It’s a special smaller size design but still cleared the Japan Exhaust gas regulation because we used more purification material in the catalyzer.
  • We have renewed the design of the layout and catalyzer for less pressure. 4-2-1 exhaust manifold efficiency is greater with the new design and normal to high RPM range provides more power.
  • Acceleration response is much improved in the normal RPM range. And stock’s normal power for the high RPM range has improved to more power output. You can enjoy driving fast.
  • It’s made of strong material SUS304 which is good for circuit use.


Although this manifold includes a high quality, high flow cat, we cannot guarantee this will pass UK emissions tests


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Weight 12 kg