In Japan, KAAZ was founded in 1922 with the primary objective of providing customers with high-quality racing differentials. Based on a coherent system of design, development, manufacturing and sales, KAAZ delivers parts for motorsports and racing worldwide in an effort to help cars run faster and feel more comfortable. Developed from outstanding concepts and cutting-edge technology, KAAZ differentials far exceed that of the competition.

  • Car Make – Toyota
  • Car Model – GT86
  • Engine Code – FA20
  • Factory Transmission – MT/AT
  • Factory Diff Type – OPEN/TORSEN
  • Diff location – REAR
  • Number of Plates – 16
  • Plate Size – L


KAAZ differentials are designed and engineered to be used in competitive motorsport and feature 8 to 24 internal clutch plates.

Product Highlights:


  • Perfect for drifting as it eases the car’s ability to break traction under braking
  • Delivers the same lockup characteristics under acceleration and deceleration
  • Assists in braking stability and smoother turn-in
  • Reduced chatter and smoother engagement with SuperQ
  • WPC metal treatment gives better heat dissipation and longer wear life
  • No break-in process required
  • Locking rate adjustments


Each LSD is activated by pressuring the clutch plates which produce a very strong locking performance and superior response during performance driving.

A clutch-type LSD has pressure rings and friction plates inside the differential case. The LSD acts as a standard differential when a car is moving straight or the rotational difference between left and right wheels are similar. Once there is a rotational difference among wheels, the cross axis, which is set in the middle, will press the pressure rings, then the pressure rings will transfer the movement to the clutch plates. When all the clutch plates are engaged, both wheels are locked and the torque is transferred equally to both wheels.

With a 2-way KAAZ LSD, the engine braking (coming off throttle in gear) delivers a similar locked condition, making the car as predictable as possible during switchbacks and the like. Since a gear-type LSD never locks both wheels, a tremendous amount of heat will build up as it oscillates the power delivery to the rear wheels. KAAZ’s 2-way LSD is designed to maintain sideway-motion in the rear even during shifting, making it the much better option for drifting.


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Weight 10 kg