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This 356x32mm 8 pot front brake kit will transform your cars braking. Used on our Time Attack winning 350Z turbo racecar with zero issues.

Choose from the options above to customise your install.

Disk type: Floating or fixed – The rotors are made from iron and the bells from aluminium so they expand at different rates when they get hot. This can lead to excessive pressure being applied by the bell to the rotor and subsequent deformation of the rotor or even cracking. The floating rotors allow the bell to expand independently of the rotor to prevent this pressure forming under extreme use.

Ksport – Unrivaled value for money fast road and occasional track pad. Produced exclusively for KSport UK by a large UK performance brake manufacturer
EBC Redstuff – Good value for money road pad, low dust
EBC Yellowstuff – Superb value all rounder, great manners on both road and track
EBC Bluestuff – Excellent value for money track pad with good fade resistance
Ferodo DS2500 – Excellent fast road pad, the OE choice for many manufacturers
Pagid RS29 – Very high quality track and road pad, high resistance to fade, excellent feel, superb longevity, kind to rotors and excellent cold bite
Pagid RST3 – Premium track and road pad, excellent longevity, excellent feel, best outright performance with excellent cold bite

Brake kits are often built to order which means they are shipped from KSport themselves. You can choose to bring them over via sea, which is included in the price but takes 16 weeks or via air which takes around 3-5 weeks.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Disk type

Fixed, Floating

Rotor type

Grooved, Drilled


Black, Orange, Yellow, Red


None, Ksport, EBC Redstuff, EBC Yellowstuff, EBC Bluestuff, Ferodo DS2500, Pagid RS29, Pagid RST3

Shipping to UK

Standard (via sea): 16 weeks, Priority (via air): 3-5 weeks