EBC USR Series Fine Slotted Brake Discs (PAIR) (FRONT)


EBC USR Series Fine Slotted Brake Discs (PAIR) (FRONT)


Disc type: Vented
Bolt holes: 5
Diameter: 324mm
Disc height: 49mm
Disc thickness (new / max wear): 30/28mm

Sold in pairs

Super quiet sport slotted brake discs featuring the new EBC Brakes® narrow profile slot pattern which helps cool and de-gas brakes under load and speed but eliminates air noise common with some slotted discs. Coated in the UK with black Geomet paint finish that is tested to last TEN YEARS leaving your discs looking like new for thousands of miles. The price you see is for TWO DISCS, one left one right. Another great feature of slotted discs is the way they MAINTAIN FLAT AND PARALLEL PAD WEAR and avoid the record grooves or galling common with non-slotted discs. This improves pad contact and braking throughout the life of the disc and pad set. Another major benefit of the EBC Brakes® fine slotted discs is their ability to totally resist cracking common with “through-drilled” discs.


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Weight 15 kg