Phormula Knock Analyser Pro


Phormula Knock Analyser Pro


The Knock Analyser Pro (KS-Pro) is a high quality knock detection kit that allows the user to listen for knock whilst tuning an engine. The KS-Pro has been developed with the assistance of the UK’s premier tuning companies and as such contains many features lacking from alternatives on the market. The KS-Pro can also be plugged directly into the Phormula KS-4 when purchased with the KS-4 Interface Kit to provide a combined audio and digital knock detection system.

Key Features:
High Quality Amplifier for Crystal Clear Sound
Ruggedised Carry Case
Quick and Easy set-up
Shielded Signal Cable
Bosch Knock Sensor
Includes sensor and cables

Ruggedised Case for protection in a workshop environment.
High Quality Shielded Sensor Cable and Bosch Wideband Knock Sensor providing excellent sound quality.
High Visibility Case makes it easy to find in a busy workshop environment.

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Weight 1 kg