S13 (CA18DET engine only) Stage 1 ECU upgrade chip


S13 (CA18DET engine only) Stage 1 ECU upgrade chip

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The S13 Stage 1 ECU upgrade chip is designed to optimise the fuelling and ignition for an S13 (CA18DET engine only) with the following modifications:
Free flow air filter
Free flow exhaust
Boost controller to achieve 15psi boost pressure
Uprated fuel pump
Super unleaded fuel (>97 RON)
Front mount intercooler
The chip removes the fuel cut and, in conjunction with the upgrades above, will allow the engine to produce around 230bhp.
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The red lines show the car with a standard chip at 10psi boost pressure. One line shows the torque, the other shows the power. Peak power is 188bhp @ 5918rpm and peak torque is at 173lb ft @ 5471rpm

The blue lines show car with a Stage 1 chip at 15psi boost pressure. Again the lines show torque and power: 212bhp @ 5750rpm and 201lb ft @ 3461rpm. Notice the huge gain in torque, up 63%, in the mid range (~3500rpm) and the much lower rpm of the peak torque. Also the peak power is up 13%. The extra power and torque comes from the boost upgrade, the Stage 1 chip optimises fueling and ignition timing for this setup. You could not get this power and torque increase without an ECU chip upgrade.



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