S13 (CA18DET engine only) Stage 2 ECU upgrade chip (260-280bhp)


S13 (CA18DET engine only) Stage 2 ECU upgrade chip (260-280bhp)

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The S13 Stage 2 ECU upgrade chip is designed to optimise the fuelling and ignition for an S13 (CA18DET engine only) with the following modifications:
Free flow air filter
Free flow exhaust
Boost controller to achieve 15psi boost pressure
Uprated intercooler
T28 turbo from an S14 200SX
Super unleaded fuel (>97 RON)
Uprated fuel pump
The chip removes the fuel cut and, in conjunction with the upgrades above, will allow the engine to produce up to 270bhp.
The stage 2 chip instructs the ECU to deliver more fuel to the engine under high boost. It also retards the ignition a little more than the stage 1 chip. This prevents detonation when running high boost levels.

The graph below shows the power output from a car with the modifications listed above

The graph shows power at the wheels (blue), power lost through the transmission and tyres (green) and calculated power at the flywheel. This car made 264bhp @ only 14psi of boost, the increase in performance comes from the modifications to the engine. More power could be liberated with a higher flow intercooler and more boost pressure. The Stage 2 chip optimises fuelling and ignition timing to take best advantage of the modifications.

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