S13  (CA18DET engine only) Stage 3 ECU upgrade chip


S13  (CA18DET engine only) Stage 3 ECU upgrade chip

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The stage 3 chip is designed to optimise the fuelling and ignition for an S13 (CA18DET engine only) with the following modifications:
Free flow air filter
Free flow exhaust
Boost controller to achieve 17psi boost pressure
Uprated intercooler
T28 hybrid turbo
Uprated fuel pump
444cc injectors from a GTiR (SR20DET engine) or Skyline (RB26DETT engine)
Super unleaded fuel (>97 RON)
The chip removes the fuel cut and, in conjunction with the upgrades above, will allow the engine to produce in excess of 300bhp.
The stage 3 chip will only work with 444cc injectors and a Z32 (300ZX) air flow meter (AFM).

See attached for a power graph – please bear in mind that this power run was done in 43 deg C air temps!

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