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The S14/S14a Stage 1 ECU upgrade chip is designed to optimise the fuelling and ignition for an S14 with the following modifications:

Free flow air filter
Free flow exhaust
Uprated fuel pump
Boost controller to achieve 15psi boost pressure
Super unleaded fuel (>97 RON)

Benefits of using this ECU upgrade chip include:

Fuel cut removal
155mph speed limit removal
Smoother power delivery
Increased fuel economy when cruising
Can be remapped in the future for almost any specification at great prices

The graph below is a power run on an S14a with the modifications listed above

Please ensure you select the correct type of ECU for your car when ordering. Some S14 cars have S14a ECUs. Also, there are two different types of S14 ECU: 23710 74F0x (in the UK) and 23710 75F0x (for Europe)

We stongly advise that we carry out fitting.



How to identify the S14 ECUs

S14 cars have a different ECU type to the S14a cars – also some S14 cars have an S14a type ECU… The pictures below show the difference.

Here is a picture of an S14 type ECU – notice the 3 blue tabs either side of the central bolt:

s14 type ecu

Here is a picture of an S14a type ECU – notice the 2 blue tabs either side of the central bolt:

s14a type ecu


Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Ecu Type:

S14 23710-74Fxx (UK cars), S14 23710-75Fxx (European cars), S14a 23710-82Fxx


Manual, Automatic