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Shiftec Shift Kits are designed to allow easy installation of Paddle Shift onto most vehicles fitted with a sequential gear box and drive by wire throttle.

The Club-Sport Shift Kit has been developed for club and semi-pro motorsport but includes our Le Mans winning Gear Shift Servo just like the Pro-Sport kit.

The Club-Sport Shift Kit Includes:

  • Gear Shift Servo
  • Pair Of Single Paddles
  • Integrated Accumulator
  • Compact Compressor
  • Generic Wiring Loom With DTM Connectors
  • Dash 4 Air Hose
  • Dash 4 Fittings
  • USB key with quick start guide, manual and applicable software.

The Club-Sport Shift Kit GCU Option Adds:

  • GCU500 Gear Controller
  • Generic Wiring Loom – GCU500 Loom
  • USB Cable

If your existing engine ECU provides strategies to control a paddle shift system the Club-Sport Shift Kit provides all the hardware required to fit paddle shift to your vehicle. Alternatively if you wish to take advantage of the advanced features of the GCU500 or your engine ECU does not provide the ability to support paddle shift then the Club-Sport Shift Kit GCU option adds a GCU500 and associated wiring loom which will allow for the installation of full standalone paddle shift requiring only up change cut and down change throttle blip to be implemented on the existing engine ECU via analogue or CAN.

Product Highlights:

  • – Complete Paddle Shift Kit With Everything You Require Included.
  • – Motorsport specification wiring loom.
  • – Lightweight, fast response, professional motorsport grade Shift Servo.
  • – Option for use with engine ECU gear control strategies or with Shiftec GCU500.

All Club-Sport kits are packaged in a reusable carry case that is perfect for keeping your comms cables and associated organised on circuit and include a quick start guide, manual and wiring details. The GCU option also includes a USB cable and Shiftec iFace software.

To Download a spec sheet for the Shift Kit please click here.

To view the Shift Kit Installation Manual please click here. The How To section also contains guides on configuring various ECUS for use with the Shift Kit.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Shift controller GCU

Shift kit only, Shift kit with GCU 500, Shift kit with GCU 501 (drive by wire)