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STILLEN VQ35 Supercharger Kit for the Nissan 350Z HR

Looking to extract more horsepower and torque from your 2007-2009 350Z?

This supercharger kit makes the 350Z HR extremely flexible and useable with similar power delivery characteristics to the standard normally aspirated engine but with none of the lag associated with turbocharged installs.

The engine and drivetrain cope very well with the progressive power delivery of the supercharger kit but for the manual cars a stronger clutch kit is worthwhile considering for longevity.

There is a slight whine from the supercharger at idle but it’s not at all noticeable when driving normally.

The basic kit doesn’t include fuel system or engine management.

Exclusive STILLEN Supercharger System Features

  • Boosts output to around 400-450 HP at the flywheel
  • Compact design means  no bonnet replacement required
  • Front-mounted compact heat exchanger maximizes cool air flow to vital engine cooling components
  • In-manifold air-water intercooler chills air charge at engine entry point for maximum efficiency
  • Redesigned intake manifold for increased airflow and torque
  • Utilizes Vortech V3 supercharger – fully sealed, quiet, upgradeable and reliable

We offer a menu system from the basic kit to a full bespoke drive in –drive out service:

  1. Basic kit supply only
  2. H-Dev 400 setup – includes fuel system, throttle loom fix (the Stillen extension cable is prone to failure), IAT sensor, Uprev license, fitting and dyno mapping
  3. H-Dev 450 setup – includes the above plus fuel return system and better intake system
  4. H-Dev 550 setup – includes the above plus larger supercharger and air to air intercooler

Additional information

Weight 40 kg

Polished, Satin, Black

Fitting and setup

No, H-Dev 400bhp, H-Dev 450bhp setup, H-Dev 500bhp setup