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SuperPro bushes are tried, tested and proven in motorsport which means they deliver outstanding performance. Their innovative design and superior materials offer dramatic improvements in handling and give a more precise feel through the corners. Unlike some polyurethane bushes, with SuperPro products there is no increase in vibration or ride harshness an attribute that makes them an ideal choice for cars that are used for both normal road driving and track days.

This kit is available with or without alignment correction which includes eccentric bushes and tubes for additional adjustability of camber, toe and caster.

KIT5261K – Standard Replacement
KIT5261ADJK – Alignment Correction

Kit Contents:
1xSPF3298K, 1xSPF3296K, 1xSPF3299K, 1xSPF2715-50K, 1xSPF2847K, 1xSPF2359-32K, 1xSPF3316K, 1xSPF3318K, 1xSPF3320K, 1xSPF3322K, 1xSPF3313K, 1xSPF2366-20K, 1xSPF3314K, 1xSPF3315K

Please view images to see which bushes are replaced

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Weight 10 kg

Alignment correction