Cipher Uprev Cable


Cipher Uprev Cable


Quick Overview
Uprev’s popular data logging and diagnostic tool for today’s Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. Cipher allows you to connect your USB equipped Windows PC directly to your vehicle and communicate with on-board systems such as the ECU.
With Cipher, you can log various sensors/parameters and retrieve DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) so you can see how your vehicle is running and see what needs to be repaired or adjusted. Data that is retrieved with Cipher can be viewed in real time or saved to a file for later viewing or comparison. Cipher’s .csv files can be viewed through Cipher’s built-in graphical display or through many spreadsheet programs.

Product Description.More on Cipher
Cipher communicates using Nissan’s proprietary communication protocol which enables you to view data with more speed than generic OBDII scan tools giving the user better insight into how the vehicle is running. Sample rates of 20 times per second can be achieved on more than 15 sensors at a time.

Simple ECU and BCM Control
Cipher also provides the user with basic dealership work support routines for the ECU and BCM including:

•Target Idle RPM
•+/- 2 degree static timing adjustment
•Cylinder power testing
•Clear Learned Fuel settings
•Manual control of BCM functions, ie. Windows UP/Down, Activate Locks, Wipers, Lamps, etc.
•Fuel Pressure purge
•Ethanol Adjustments (if vehicle is equipped)
•Coolant Test
Supported Parameters:
Below is a short list of available data parameters…

•Engine Speed – RPM
•Throttle Position Sensor
•Vehicle Speed
•MAF Sensor
•Calculated Load Value
•Oxygen Sensor
•Ignition Timing
•Accelerator Position
•Wide Band A/F Voltage (equipped vehicles)
•Coolant Temperature

Cipher supports most Nissan/Infiniti vehicles 2003 and newer. Contact us for a list of fully supported vehicles. Some vehicles may have limited functionality.

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