The Z1 Motorsports VQ37VHR Cold Air Intake for dual throttle body cars provides improved flow and a cooler denser air charge resulting in greater combustion efficiency and more power. Significant gains in power and response have been proven with this torture tested intake.


Constructed of a mandrel bent 6061 aluminum tubing, TIG welded, polished, and features an integrated MAF housing for greater airflow, weight reduction, streamlined aesthetics, and overall product performance. This kit was designed to allow customers to install this intake without the need for immediate tuning, although a dyno tune is recommended to get the most out of your VQ. The improved density and flow rates help invigorate the output and even sound of your VQ37VHR engine with a deeper growl in low RPMs and aggressive tone in higher RPMs.

Cold-Air Innovation

The new intake uses race-proven technology by including two specially designed large-media air filters with integrated velocity stacks for increased airflow. A velocity stack is designed to maximize and optimize airflow by allowing air to gently enter the intake piping through an unobstructed rounded taper (similar to a trumpet horn.) This results in less intake turbulence and increased air velocity, allowing your intake system to work at its maximum potential!

Aesthetically Pleasing

While the primary focus in aftermarket intakes may be enhanced performance, our focus was to provide a product that performed tremendously while providing a show quality finish and appearance. Available in two finishes, black and polished aluminum with your choice in Red, Black, or Blue Silicone Couplers. The intake also features MAF bosses that have been relocated to the bottom side of the intake piping for a stealth like appearance.


While every cars result may differ depending on mods and tune, Z1 Motorsports was able to achieve an increased 16whp and and additional 12lb-ft of torque in house on a car previously equipped with just a Full Tomei Expreme Exhaust. No re-tune was performed to achieve these results! You can expect even greater results when re-tune is performed.

Upgraded Velocity Stacks

Z1 also offers an oversized velocity stack upgrade helping push the potential of these intakes EVEN FURTHER! This upgrade can be purchased?HERE?and?adds larger filters and velocity stacks which allow for better airflow producing even more power gains than the intakes alone. This upgrade has produced?5+?RWHP?consistently on several Z’s with dyno tune. As you can see from the dyno graph below, this upgrade produces more horsepower?and?torque across the entire RPM range.

Intake Kit Includes;

  • (2) Aluminum Intake Hard Pipes
  • (2) Silicone Straight Reducer Hose
  • (2) Silicone Throttle Body to Hard Pipe Adapter
  • (2) Aluminum 90? Hose to Filter Adapter
  • (2) Z1 High Flow Velocity Stack Air Filters
  • (1) Z1 Silicone Side PCV Breather Hose Set
  • (10) Intake Coupler Clamps
  • (1)?Installation Instructions

Additional information

Weight 5 kg