We can setup the suspension of your car to get the best performance. There are 3 areas we can help:

  • Wheel alignment and corner weights
  • Chassis analysis
  • Chassis modification

Alignment and corner weights

Setting the wheel alignment correctly is the most cost effective way of ensuring good performance and handling. Combine this with corner weight measurement and adjustment for great results at low cost. Alignment starts at £149.99 inc VAT.

Chassis Analysis

This service is aimed at people who want to get the most out of their car on track.

We have teamed up with a chassis dynamics expert to offer a complete suspension setup solution.

Basic analysis: We’d measure key charateristics of your car (corner weights, unsprung rates, calculation of ARB rates, motion ratio for your dampers and springs) which will allow us to specify ideal spring rates, damper rates and anti-roll bar settings.

Advanced analysis: In addition to the basic analysis data we’d measure the position of all the suspension pick up points and the car’s centre of gravity. This will allow us to model the the cars chassis in 3d software and determine anti squat, anti dive/lift, roll centres, bump steer and more. Then in the software we can move pickup points around in order to test different configurations. When we’ve reached an achievable setup, we can physically move the pivot points to the appropriate postions. This will result in a car that handles, brakes and accelerates as well as possible.

Chassis modification

A stiff chassis with suspension pivots in the ideal place will give the best results. We can fabricate braces, suspension pick up points and arms in house. We’ve found huge gains in grip in many cars just through chassis bracing.