We work with some of the finest brands of engine management systems and have over 15 years in design and setting up for best results. We hold a number of championship wins including the 2019 Time Attack Club Pro class and the 2018 FWD drag series.


We design and build: ECU adpater looms, engine and chassis sensor looms, dash board and power distribution units (PDU) wiring and setup.

Product selection

Please contact us if you would like any advice on which system to go for. In general, Syvecs has by far the best strategies for cars used in a motorsport environment and is our prefered system for road and race cars. We are also happy to work with the lower cost ECUs if you don’t need the features provided with Syvecs. We will have a solution for almost any engine or car.

Data engineering

Installing and configuring sensors with datalogging is essential for car development – without data you just have an opinion. Appropriate and accurate data allows our engineers to advise on changes for better performance – engine control, launch control, traction control, chassis dynamics optimisation (through damper position measurement and accelerometer data) all help shave time off your sessions.